Safely Removing Earwax

Earwax provides an important function by keeping dust and dirt from entering the ear canal. Your ears are designed to regularly clean themselves by pushing earwax out. Usually, wax will eventually go away on its own. Sometimes, though, earwax can build up or get pushed back against the eardrum and need more attention.
If you want to clean out the earwax yourself, don’t use cotton swabs, as they may damage your eardrum. Over-the-counter earwax drops are available at your local pharmacy. Use as directed. If this doesn’t do the trick, consider scheduling an appointment to clear out the wax.

Will Impacted Earwax Go Away by Itself?

If you have impacted earwax, you shouldn’t try to remove it yourself because your efforts may lead to an ear infection. At Ears 4 U Hearing Services in Nashville, we can help you remove the earwax safely. Call or text Us 615-205-7942 today for an appointment.

Will Cleaning My Ears Stop the Ringing Sound?

Built-up earwax can cause and aggravate tinnitus, so it’s important to have the wax removed. This can be done by a hearing aid professional, or by yourself using over-the-counter earwax drops. If removing the wax doesn’t alleviate the ringing, visit one of our hearing aid professionals at Ears 4 U Hearing Services so we can check for signs of hearing loss.

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